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For a Bright 2022!

Never is too late to make resolutions and wish you a wonderful beginning of 2022, a year that will make another milestone in the fight of fears, an endemic and to overcome our own challenges.

First of all, 2021 was a year that went like a rollercoaster from very high peaks to other lowest ones. On my behalf, no doubt that the best I was able to experience was the brand association as ambassador and distributor of Italian Santero wines, the start of a journey that is still in progress. A project that is a highlight in my career and a step forward in the industry that I was looking forward to since long ago.

Being able to develop my skills in the moderator online platforms and being able to expand my knowledge in a diverse world that I did not understand before was just another big step in my resume. I just went deep in this interaction and being able to manage all kinds of requests and hold conversation at top notch level make me again believe that all what we wish comes true.

In the other hand 2021 brought me a precious opportunity, from hotel motivator to a retailer and member of the biggest European retail store in the Caribbean, just can not see me that in the last couple of months of 2021 I was fitting myself in the role of Team lead member of this organization, In fact, still too much to learn and is going eventually in the process but I am enjoying the ride, myself and those amongst me can not turn our faces what the other reality is still existing in our lives. The endemic is indeed still unpredictable and make us start thinking outside the box, reinventing our life and trying to win the fight by making our life too closest as possible the life we had before is admirable and simple a way to demonstrate that we can have hopes that the world can be again bright and unique as we know it.

2022 is again another blank page and I am looking so much forward to explore more opportunities and keep giving an extra mile to defeat the invisible fear that is consuming our happiness and tranquility, the endemic might stay with us for a bit more but we can be sure that we will face it with integrity, social support and consideration to each other, together we can make a difference and by saying this again I would like to send good wishes full of prosperity and positives vibes to make this year brighter than the others.

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