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Amid The Pandemic

Almost 8 months, we are standing in the most crucial phase of the pandemic, The vaccine is uncertain at some point, the world leaders facing challenging times and the world population hopeless and with a lot to ask without answers.

Lately watching news is either a mentally torture or the continuity to an ever told story. As humans, this has been the most polemic time since the Cold war or any other similar event ever, however this time the world is facing invisible enemies and our own war is with ourselves, Our leaders, our community and the discrepancy between being healthy or sustaining an economical relief, is the daily topic and the most bigger question mark of this pandemic disaster.

The economy is fractured, sectors are closing and most of the world's powerful sources of incomes and activities amongst filmmakers, movie venues, hospitality branches, airlines home bases, financial institutions and landmark tourist attractions are giving up in what is the synonymous of a world disaster recession. Is it over yet? I believe not, I believe we are still entering the scariest part of this tale. But at the same time, we are encouraging ourselves to be wiser, capable and stronger than ever. A DJ is organizing virtual events, public spaces are used to be movie theaters by cars, performance bands are using streaming online concerts and curbside deliveries are trendy topics for food suppliers. Yes, a reality that forces our community to survive and to be undependable of the most common public gathering for the new normal lifestyle.

​Heroes without capes, yes. the heroic caregivers, nurses and millions of volunteers fighting minutes by minutes the disease, the other extraordinary demonstration of their souls and positivism. The dedication and unlimited efforts done by hospitals and specialists have been main highlights for many of us, their respect to save lives and to keep their promise and never be off guard, mark another historical headline in our lives. No awards, or recognition might be enough to display our grateful and big thumbs up for them.​

I have faith, still uncertainty but faith and hope that we will go through this resilience and optimism. Hoping also to recover at least half of what we had before, focusing on being this time more conscious and acknowledging with determination our world nature, environment and cultures. Enjoying more looking up at the skies, enjoying the soft loud birds chirping in the sunrise and the fresh air hitting our faces as we run through a valley or just lying in a deserted beach waiting for that breathtaking sunset. Either one is our satisfaction, the reality seems to be dark and perhaps unrealistic but also our reality could lead us to a brighter and harmonic future.

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