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Happy Holidays


What a year. what a challenge and what kind of memories.

​Without any doubt, a year full of surprise but definitely a ​year since the beginning with opportunities and a lot of projects. I would say that this year brought me new colleagues, new visions and a boosting process in my career with challenges that made me proud to have been sharing with others. This year was key to improve the dedication to learn new ways to help others and also motivate myself to start new skills and achievements,

In addition, I am grateful for my new Collab's and the ones that let me be part of their journey, the ones that make with determination an accomplishment stage in my career and still are sharing good vibes with myself. Also I am beyond grateful with my dearest fellas that support me with my activities and tasks, with their advices and thoughts made my duties easiest as possible and paved my road to success,

I am thrilled to also add into my lucky pocket my new partnering alias in the upcoming 2021 visionary goals, one of them is ISLAND DIRECT LLC, a digital platform that with a teach web based system adjust in a digital form the way to interacting with online visitors and by one click open several options to assist the guests with services, being part of this project is an honor and is a new way to add in my career a future reference in the digital and modern world we are living today. Beside, I am in the process of developing myself in another field, the chat moderator tasks by a leading online source and this is a great achievement , another opportunity to join the virtual management and learn in the ongoing process.

As I said, this year was full of opportunities and memorable moments that will last forever, Thank you 2020 and I am looking forward to sharing more good news as we all expect 2021 will be blessed and full of good moments. I am quite confident and sure that it will be so, it will be a year with positivism and inspiration, hoping this will be a reality and wishing you great holidays, do not loose your faith and keep up the good spirit for an upcoming wonderful new year!

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