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Breakthrough Leadership Training

The Journey continues, on February our team member have been surprise by the amazing surprise of our first Breakthrough Leadership Training, a development plan that will take us into the next in hospitality targeting the critical areas in the brand. The BLT training consist in different session of training, reviews in difficult areas and specific improvement in the daily operation of each department with a positive impact in revenue and increase in Guests Satisfaction. Our team were more than happy to be part of this new step and the results awaiting are more than welcome in each department. BLT have been applied at other institutions and organizations with excellent results and developing the career inside the industry to one or more of the associates involved in the program, The tools are based in daily measure by champions and coaches ready to assign tasks and standard procedures to the associates following a score table that will inform every associate the result stated in the beginning of each WIG.

WIG are the hotel goals in general that need to be accomplished in a certain deadline. The Wildly Important Goals are the main focus of the associates, champions and coaches in order to measure this , each team member receive a daily evaluation and coaching session to determine the progress of the goal and the score board results, to discuss strategies and to improve the behavior of the techniques during at least a ten week period.

This program is by personal opinion a big step into a real learning procedures and again very grateful to be part of this amazing journey doing what the hoteliers like to do, serve with spirit and loyalty our brands. The journey is still on track and I remain alert to keep you update about this new exciting adventure.

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