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Introduction Of Antigal Winery

Born in the South villages of Argentina, the wines collection of Antigal labeled with a number 1 and delivering the best fruity aromas conquered my heart in a  first sight, in this new post I will be sharing the experience of this new collection in the hospitality universe and the reason ithat nowaday one of the most renowned wine brand of the market. Wines is really personal and as part of the hospitality community, always have been a little challenge and more or less difficult to pair wines with some exquisite plates as every taste is like our fingerprints, unique, Although, after getting closer to the Antigal history and discover that back dates 1897, Bodega Antigal was established in the Mendoza region. producing a selected grapes from the valleys with an unique result that is featuring in the One collection such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The historic tells that the building home was a state of art facility whose gravity flow was approaching the winemaking eliminating the need for forceful pumps and crushers. A charismatic wine is aging and getting better by the years, in 2005 Antigal first signature wine was held in order to celebrate the first vintage and after that in 2007 the statewide recognize the quality brand from Argentina,with the number 1 signatured in each bottle,

Also the recognition continues with Malbec in 2011 by Magazine Wine Enthousiast in USA and in 2017 Antigal quality have been recognize in Asia, Europe  and other corners of the world, creating this wine an unique experience during a casual,dinner or  a simply accompanion with a luxury cheese dish or breezy bay day with family or friends, My conclusion. a highly recommendation and a must for the wine groomers with expectation in  high levels  of armony and intensity in flavours, Antigal collection is now in the Caribbean and proudly served in my new hospitality challenge, currently tuning the last details of the new wine list, layout and rates and an upcoming preparation to features more indetails. Learn more in

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