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Together We Can Defeat Anything!

The world is awake and despite the facts of the news and the worldwide alerts, the quarantine, the restrictions or even the fear, the world is awake and it is now the time for awareness and the time for start taking decisions in order to change our minds, souls and visions.

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This last days, my team, family members and even friends are anxious, hopeless and looking to get answer from an unknown enemy that is changing our lifestyle, but as I said, the world has a pause to reconsidering our culture, our habits and start practicing the toleration, love, kindness and solidarity for each others. The COVIT – 19 is among us and together we can defeat it with basic standard rules, safety protocols and awareness, humanity have been facing calamities and tragedies through the history, but we always learning to take the best of it, positivism, hope and courages.

Being isolated, away from my daily routine, not able to touch my friends, distance between our dear ones is just a simple transition to a new chapter.

Fear and uncertainty are indeed symptoms of this pandemic, part of the process to learn from our mistakes and part of the process to get back together and stand on our feet to face any fight, as it is always said united we can do wonderful things and this will not be different.

Please, follow the basic safety rules, if you are in risk or known anyone in risk keep distance and inform the local emergency contacts. Respect the distances regulations and avoid expose yourself in public places, travels or any events in order to do not spread the disease or get it from anyone infected, remember the only thing we can spread is kindness, love and good sense of humor. Do not share or confirm fake news and always be inform from the officials sources. Following this basic rules we are contributing with a healthy environment and creating tools to fight the unknown enemy with the main mission… keep our world safe and bright!


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